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City Council Contact Info

You should always feel free to contact your elected officials for assistance with any issue regarding your city and to let them know your opinion on issues they are considering.  Following is complete contact information for our Mayor and Council Members:

Blue Springs Mayor Mayor  Carson Ross
(816) 228-0110 Office
(816) 229-9528 Home

District 1 Councilmen Councilman Dale Carter
(816) 809-4874 Cell
Councilman Jeff Quibell
(816) 224-2890 x201 Work
(816) 223-2865 Cell
District 2 Councilmen Councilman Chris Lievsay
(816) 674-5108
Councilman Kent Edmondson 
(816) 228-7181 Work
District 3 Councilmen Councilman Ron Fowler
(816) 228-1568 Home
Councilman Grant Bowerman
 (816) 229-2726

 All elected official contact information displayed on this page was collected from the City of Blue Springs web site, the official's publically accessible internet web site, or by permission from the official.