I am pleased to see that Mr. Parker noticed the commitment to quality development that Mayor Steiner, Mayor Ross, and those of us who served with them bring to our city. I am not at all surprised by the accelerated rate of positive developments in Blue Springs, as they are part of the vision to bring long sought after improvements for our community.

While in office I found that all of our elected and appointed officials have a passion for making our city the best it can be. It is important that our City Council and Planning Commission have thorough discussions as they determine the best course for our city. This is how good decisions are made on behalf of our citizens.

In the article referred to by Mr. Parker, I suggest that it is time to let go of the past and embrace the changes that have made so many positive improvements in our City. Our leaders demand for quality has resulted in positive developments for Blue Springs like Adams Dairy Landing and Coronado place which in turn create the conditions to encourage developments like the Innovation Park.

The focus of my articles is to highlight the good things that are happening in Blue Springs. The occasional mention of actions by city officials is a reminder that there is a delicate balance to the progress we are making as a city. The positive feedback I receive from the majority of my readers would suggest that they want to know more about what is happening in our city.

I appreciate Mr. Parker’s right to his opinion and his service to our city as a planning commissioner. I invite him and all of our citizens to join the discussion at www.AboutBlueSprings.com.


Jeff Quibell
Former Councilman
City of Blue Springs

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