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DATE: July 7, 2009

CONTACT: Troy Pharr, Public Information Officer

Phone: 816.228.0212, Cell: 816.935.2678






Blue Springs, Mo. - Case Number: Multiple

Subject: And the Scam continues

Who:  An Unknown Female Caller

When: Ongoing throughout the Kansas City Metro Area

Where: Throughout the Kansas City Metro Area


Yesterday morning, July 6, 2009, the Blue Springs Police Department received another report in an ongoing scam where unknown callers are attempting to steal money from Blue Springs residents. In the July 6 report the resident stated that he received a call on July 5, 2009 around 9:00 p.m. from someone stating her name was “Katrina” and that she was calling on behalf of the Blue Springs Water Department. “Katrina” told the victim that he had not paid his water bill and that he needed to send a certified check in the amount of approximately $40.00 to keep his water bill current. The victim in this incident was sharp enough to immediately identify this as a scam to steal his money. The caller stated that the City of Blue Springs no longer collects the money for the water department and now contracts with her company to collect the payments. This is just not true. When the victim started asking questions that might identify the scammer she hung up.

Beth Overstreet, supervisor of the Blue Springs Water Department, stated, “Residents should be aware that the City of Blue Springs will never call a customer and ask for banking and/or credit card information so that a water bill will be paid. Payments over the phone will only be initiated when a customer calls the Water Department and requests this transaction to be made.”

This form of criminal activity is going on throughout the greater Kansas City Metro Area.

Chief Wayne McCoy, of the Blue Springs Police Department also advised the following, “Citizens should never disclose personal information to anyone they are not personally acquainted with. If you receive a call from anyone asking for personal information, hang up the phone and contact the Police Department. Remember only you can protect what belongs to you. If you need any assistance, or have any questions at all, please contact your local Police Department. We will be glad to assist you.”